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Upholstery Cleaning Long Island has cleaned more chairs, sofas, loveseats, cushions and other upholstered pieces than you'll ever sit on. As trends change, Upholstery Cleaning Long Island technicians make it their business to learn the ins and outs of cleaning the latest fibers - natural or synthetic.

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Cleaning Upholstery

All upholstery needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Most people simply dust or vacuum, and then call it a day. But dusting and vacuuming, even when carried out on a regular basis, are just not enough. Deep cleaning not only freshens and deodorizes your upholstery, but can also allow you to keep your upholstered furniture in service longer.

We at Upholstery Cleaning Long Island uses proven cleaning methods and products when we clean your upholstery. With our vast bank of knowledge in the field, we are familiar with practically every fabric in use, and can predict with amazing accuracy how fibers will respond to treatment.

Upholstery Cleaning Session

Generally speaking, an upholstery cleaning sessions begin with a thorough inspection of the pieces which are going to be cleaned. This enables technicians to pinpoint any problem areas (spots, stains, holes, or other damaged areas) so that the specific problem can be properly addressed. In the event that an inspection reveals special circumstances, no additional services will be carried out until after your approval has been received.

After the inspection, technicians vacuum every accessible inch of the upholstery, including cushions, pillows, arms, legs, etc. Next, your furniture will be deep cleaned with the method most suitable for the upholstery in question. In many cases, the extraction method is quite successful. This low moisture method easily removes common spots, stains while it deodorizes the upholstery. The fact that the method is low moisture is critical - wet cleaning methods can take a long time to dry, thus leaving the fabric susceptible to mold, fungus and mildew.

At times, your Upholstery Cleaning Long Island crew foreman may recommend chemical dry cleaning instead of, or in addition to the extraction method. The newest chemical dry cleaning methods utilize special cleaning solutions that, once applied to upholstery, attract dirt particles. The chemical is allowed to dry and when vacuumed away, the dirt and dust is sucked up with the chemicals. Then, the extraction method is used to remove all trace of the chemical and any dirt that may remain on the surface of the upholstery.

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