Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are you interested in refinishing your wood flooring? Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island is here for you! Wood flooring has been one of the most common flooring choices over the ages, partly because of its beauty, and partly because of its long-lasting quality. However, real wood flooring does require regular care and periodic maintenance.

If you have lived in your home for a few years, or if you are moving into a previously lived-in home, you may notice the luster and shine of the wood floors has faded, and they don't look quite as glossy as they once did. This is because the top layer of polyurethane, which protects the actual wood, gets worn away, chipped, and scratched. Although weekly sweeping with a soft cloth and quickly mopping up spills with a vinegar and water mixture will do wonders in terms of reducing scratches and wear, eventually even the best kept hardwood flooring will need to be refinished.

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So, many homeowners find themselves learning how to refinish hardwood floors. How do you regain the beauty that the hardwood used to have? Well, the answer depends on the level of wear the floors have sustained.

For minimal wear, and simply for regaining the shine and protective coating of polyurethane, applying a coat of polyurethane may be all that's needed. However, whatever is left of the existing polyurethane level must be sanded off first. This requires the use of professional sanders, either a drum sander or a new handheld sander designed specifically for refinishing wood floors. Although these sanders can be rented from hardware stores, professionals are skilled in sanding with the grain, and making the floors look as unified as possible. Long Island Wood Floor Refinishing has trained all of our wood floor technicians specifically in the art of refinishing flooring, and you will certainly notice a huge difference between flooring refinished by professionals and by non-professionals.

For wood floors that have incurred a bit more damage than the day-to-day wear and tear, such as any deep scratches or dents, The sanding must go deeper, past the polyurethane layer and into the wood itself. Wood filler may be matched to the color of the current wood and applied when necessary. Or, if damage the to the floor pieces is significant enough, entire floorboards may be replaced with new boards that match as closely as possible. (For this reason, if you happened to save wood floorboards when they were installed, you will hugely appreciate your foresightedness!)

Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island can save you hours and hours of manual labor, of research, and money spent in renting equipment. We have invested in top-of-the-line equipment, and can get the job done very efficiently. Most importantly, we have the experience to know exactly what to do and when to do it, so that your wood floor refinishing aspiration is met and your expectations surpassed. We have trained our technicians thoroughly, and they bring this knowledge to each and every job. Please call Carpet Cleaning Long Island today at 631-883-3378 to begin the easy steps towards making your hardwood floors look new again.

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