Carpet Cleaning Long Island

If you are online searching for carpet cleaning services, look no further! Carpet Cleaning Long Island is a proud provider of carpet cleaning services in your area. We boast a lengthy list of satisfied customers, and we would love to show you what we can do!

Carpet Cleaning Long Island can turn around your dingy, worn, stained and dirty wall to wall carpeting or area rugs. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars replacing your wall to wall carpeting or area rugs; with a quick phone call to Carpet Cleaning Long Island, we can erase years of use and daily life from your carpeting. Whether you own a home, are renting a home, or have a business space in an office building, we can meet your needs and provide an excellent service for an excellent price.

We do feel it is important to educate our clients. If you don't already know, there are many options when it comes to carpet cleaning. Different companies provide different options. Frequently, "professional" carpet cleaning companies will not even offer you an option. They may not even tell you that there are options! It is dangerous to simply choose a carpet cleaning service provider based on what coupon you receive in the mail (and we know you get a lot of them!)

Long Island Carpet Cleaning Methods

It is important to know the various methods of carpet cleaning because some methods may not be appropriate for certain types of carpets or area rugs, and some methods may work better for different types of carpeting or different situations. Below you will find a chart of the various methods of carpet cleaning, as well as their associated benefits and drawbacks.

Long Island,New York green cleaning solutions
Type Description Benefit Negative
Bonnet cleaning A cleaning detergent is either sprayed onto the carpet or the circular pad is soaked in it. A machine drives the circular pad to oscillate, removing dirt and stains Good for carpeting and wool area rugs Cleans the upper portion of the carpet best
Shampooing Wet shampoos are applied to the carpet, which must be very foamy in order to attract dirt particles to them. The foam and attached residue is then vacuumed up Cleans carpeting better than dry compound cleaning This method of cleaning has fallen out of favor with many service providers and clients. Because a rinse isn't used afterwards, technicians must be sure to vacuum up all of the shampoo carefully, or else it can lead to resoiling
Dry Compound A biodegradable powder is applied to the carpet, allowed to sit and attract dirt and debris, and is vacuumed away This method is appropriate when carpeting or area rugs cannot tolerate any water Dry compound provides more of a superficial clean rather than a deep clean
Carpet Steam Cleaning A newer method of cleaning, this works by injecting hot water into the carpet; this water shakes dirt, debris and other particles loose from deep within the carpet fibers. Then the vacuum sucks away all the debris and water. It only uses water as its cleaning agent (so there are no health worries); minimal liquid is used so it involves a short drying time; and it achieves a deep clean. There is a drying time required but when done professionally, it should be minimal

Carpet Cleaning Long Island Technicians

Carpet Cleaning Long Island technicians have been thoroughly trained to know the 'in's and out's' of carpet cleaning methods. They will assist you in assessing which method suits your carpet or area rug, as well as your needs.

In addition to carpets, don't neglect your upholstered furniture and draperies! Carpet Cleaning Long Island can address all of these portions of your home or office in one quick visit. We strive to make your life easier, and we will do so with excellent customer care and professionalism. Please call us today at 631-883-3378 we guarantee after one visit from, you will be amazed at how much more lovely your wall to wall carpeting, area rugs, and upholstery can look!

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