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Tile is the perfect choice for floors, countertops and walls in areas subject to heavy traffic or high levels of moisture and dampness, like kitchens, bathrooms, spas and pools. It is impervious to water and easy to care for most of the time, tile cleaning consists of nothing more than rinsing and wiping down. But there will come a time in every tile owner's life when he or she will be glad that they can call on Tile & Grout Cleaning Long Island - tile cleaning, grout cleaning, pool tile cleaning, tile sanitizing and renewal experts.

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You know it's time to get help from Long Island Tile & Grout Cleaning with your tiled surfaces when you begin to see any of the following signs: excessive scratching, dulled tile surfaces, dark patches on tile or grout, degraded grout lines (chipped or uneven lines). While these unsightly and potentially unhealthy - issues may lead you to think in terms of changing your tiles, you should be aware that this type of remodeling job can be quite expensive, not to mention time consuming. Save your time and money by having the tile and grout evaluated by a professional organization. Professionals know how to clean tile and grout so that they look like new.

As previously mentioned, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how to clean grout and tile. Even so, poor cleaning technique can be pinpointed as one of the causes of dulled tile surfaces. The longer you leave food, liquid, or even cleaning solution on tile without wiping it off, the harder it will be to remove. Once you've rinsed tile, you need to wipe it down, otherwise mineral deposits found in tap water are likely to leave behind a white film. Another contributor to dulled tile occurs over time soap scum and mineral deposit buildup. This is most typically found in shower stalls and other bathroom surfaces.

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Grout Cleaning Long Island

Grout is the material that fills in the spaces between tiles. It is very important to the integrity of your tiling. In contrast to tile, grout is porous, generally made of various concentrations of cement, water and sand. It can be neutral or died a color to match or contrast the tile being installed. Clean, straight grout lines improve the overall appearance of tiled surfaces. For optimum functioning, grout should sealed. Sealing will allow the grout to add waterproofing to its functions and will also help prevent the onset of sub-surface rotting.

Darkened grout may indicate nothing more than water absorption by cement based grout. On the other hand, it can be a tell-tale sign that mold, mildew or some other fungus has begun to take hold. Great care must be taken to eradicate this potential health threat. Though there are many over-the-counter remedies offered, your safest bet is to hire an organization that specializes in grout cleaning, mold, mildew and fungus material. Anti-fungal products in and of themselves are unhealthy and should not be used by amateurs.

Properly applied and sealed grout can last almost as long as the tile surface where it is applied. However, if you are experiencing cracking, crumbling or the appearance of air bubbles, then your grout is in need of attention. A contractor or professional tile worker can regrout or reseal the surface and solve your problem.

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