Carpet Cleaning

Carpet owners need to know: Vacuuming- and carpet or room deodorizers are superficial stop gaps - the only way to truly clean your carpet is via deep steam cleaning sessions. Keep your carpets healthy. Maximize your enjoyment of them. Call on Long Island Carpet Cleaning - your best choice for carpet steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

There's no debating the benefits of cleaning with water that has been vaporized into steam. For one thing, when used properly hot steam can disinfect and deodorize, without the need to introduce harsh detergents or toxic chemicals onto the carpet surface. Carpet uses state-of-the-art truck mounted equipment to apply robust jets of steam onto your carpet and simultaneously remove all the debris released by the process. Extraction hoses carry all debris and moisture out of your home and into a retaining tank installed on the truck parked on the curb or in your driveway.

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The source of carpet contaminants

It doesn't matter if you have an expensive carpet on the floor or one that you picked up at a bargain basement. It doesn't matter if you vacuum it often or whenever the mood hits you. Gravity pulls airborne contaminants down to your carpet's surface. Then, every step you take on it grinds that dirt down to the very base. Pet dander, dust mites, crumbs, sloughed skin cells and house dust are all typical carpet contaminants. Loose strands of hair and fur become entangled in carpet fibers as well.

Long Island Carpet Cleaning begins every carpet steam cleaning session with a thorough inspection of carpet surfaces. The technicians look for premature signs of wear, discoloration, spots and stains. If an item requires special treatment, it will be brought to your attention - you decide if extreme measures should be taken, or not. In most cases, however, problematic areas can be dealt with during the course of a standard steam cleaning session.

Long Island Carpet Cleaning ends every carpet cleaning session with another inspection. This time, the technicians take a last look around to double check that all issues have been addressed. They also check the moisture level in the carpet. This is critical - a carpet that is not dried adequately can easily become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Steps you can take

There are a few carpet maintenance steps that the professionals at Long Island Carpet Cleaning recommend. First of all, use a rubber broom on the carpet to loosen hair and fur, and to bring to the surface some of the dirt that has already settled, then vacuum on a regular basis. In addition, do your best to treat carpet accidents, such as spills or pet accidents, as soon as they happen. This will limit the occurrence of permanent staining.

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