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Many decorators recommend rugs as a way to add color, interest and warmth to a room. Rugs can be used to cover large areas of a floor or small areas, they can be hung on the wall and they can be used to protect underlying surfaces. There really is no limit as to how you can use rugs as a functional decorating element. And there is no limit as to the types of rugs that are available in a seemingly endless array of colors, fabrics and fibers. Thankfully, Rug Cleaning Long Island rug experts are well versed in everything to do with cleaning rugs.

Steam Cleaning

Over the years, Rug Cleaning Long Island has found that steam cleaning is the optimal method to use when tackling any standard rug cleaning project. After sweeping the rug to dislodge embedded dirt and loosen hair or fur that may have become entangled in rug fibers, we at uses state of the art, truck mounted extraction equipment to flush out all rug pollutants. Extraction equipment relies on the cleaning power of steam, rather than introducing harsh detergents or toxic chemicals into your indoor environment. Steam is jetted onto the rug to flush out all pollutants, while all water and debris are simultaneously extracted by powerful suction action. The results of this incredibly efficient cleaning method are carpets that look and smell clean and fresh.

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Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Specialty Rugs

Special rugs require special services, such as hand washing or dry cleaning. Handmade rugs and rugs made of natural or delicate fibers, as well as Persian or Oriental rugs and some synthetic rugs all fall into this category. In order for the special handling requirements to be meant, the rugs may be removed to Rug Cleaning Long Island cleaning plant. Rug Cleaning Long Island will pick up your specialty rugs so that they can be cleaned at the. If size or some other issue does not allow for the rug to be removed from your home, all efforts will be made to conduct the specified cleaning protocol on site.

Making the decision to use the services of Long Island Rug Cleaning to clean your rugs is one that you will never regret. We guarantee all of our services and have built our reputation on delivering on their promises. With Rug Cleaning Long Island on the job, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your rugs are in the good hands.

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